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CBD – No out of pocket Investment – Business Partnership


Hospitals , MD’s, DO’s, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Dentists, Pharmacies, Treatment Centers, Health Clubs, Massage facilities, Martial Arts Schools
Help us combat the the Opioid Overdose Crisis

I’d like to schedule a time in which we can discuss my company setting your business up as a CBD Affiliate just as we’re doing with our hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare related facilities.

After all we are all in business to help our clients/patients live healthier and happier lives. CBD’s have been proven to do just that, precisely in areas as; inflammation, pain, anxiety, head injuries, sleep…

As many others my life has been devoted to improving the health of others, mentally and physically, over the last eight years I’ve surrounded myself with worldwide leaders in the diagnostic lab industry, compound pharmacies, bio-stem and the last year or so within the CBD space as I recognized the great need it is providing.

Many doctors, clinics and hospitals struggle with securing predictable revenues. My partners can help by offering a complete direct physician-to-patient CBD and supplement product distribution system, powered by our software. Most recently we have identified the same need for various other health and fitness related businesses in which we are currently engaging a pathway with as well.

The model is simple: We provide our clients with a very low cost software they need to help track their current ROI while developing a “drip marketing/information campaign” for the business. In addition to our software program, the business offers CBD and supplement products for sale both at the location as well as online through their assigned website link with a complete back office for tracking as well as social media sharing.. The company drop-ships products directly to the patient/client through the online system.

We truly have a huge advantage in this space. In addition to our existing networks, our solely owned company has a network of more than 10,000 in our own drip marketing program. And a strategic partnership with Health Direct® for their patented supplements as well as an FDA-licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer gives us the credibility to and authority to produce supplement and CBD products that doctors can be confident in recommending.

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Why did we decide to focus exclusively on CBD, Health & Wellness?
In the short term, investing in the medical CBD industry poses far fewer legal risks than diagnostic lab testing, or even pharmaceuticals. CBD’s federal legalization following the 2018 Farm Bill creates a much more favorable marketplace and the growth forecast is beyond compare. Too often, companies are told one thing by regulators, only to have the same rule changed within a few weeks.

While the short-term benefits are obvious, the Company is most interested in the long-term opportunities in medical grade CBD.

Here are just a few of the exciting reasons why:
Health and Wellness: The CBD industry is driven by a desire for people to feel better and healthier. The public’s interest in CBD, supplements and fitness is focused on improving overall wellness. Society has never been so health-conscious, and we only see more opportunities for growth as CBD and liquid collagen becomes more understood.

Price Stability: It is hard to forecast the price of CBD in the future, so we need margins significantly fair and have direct relationships from the farm to the store. We believe medical CBD and supplement products will maintain greater margins as patients are willing to pay a premium for products that actually work.

CBD Pharmaceuticals: While it’s just beginning, there is a huge opportunity for CBD in pharmaceuticals and prescription-based treatments. We are interested in the potential for insurance-reimbursable CBD treatments in the future and have begun securing our partnerships within this vertical.

We are prepared in onbarding affiliates as well as overseeing shipping and fulfillment of sales. We offer a complete corporate team in which is highly educated and experienced as well as dedicated to growing our companies.. Rather than generating revenue through software subscriptions or our Health & Wellness events, we focus on sales of our products and various channels for those sales.

We are now covered from the farm to the manufacturing to the fulfillment and onto the shelf or buyer. It takes a complete team to make a business function properly and we’re proud to have that team.
We have now positioned the company to control every aspect of our business needs rather than relying on various outside partners controlling various areas.

Together we can do and will do some amazing things in 2020!
Call me to discuss this opportunity Today
Email Me @ CedricBurl@CedricBurl.com


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